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SCP - 682 by Neutron-Quasar SCP - 682 :iconneutron-quasar:Neutron-Quasar 1,044 121
Who Was Dr. Steel?
Instead of my usual depressing commentary on historical patterns and the decline of civilization, tonight I've got the heartfelt urge to say...
...someday I reeeaaaally want to know who Dr. P. W. Steel was, and I want to shake his hand.
Like, what did his teachers call him during roll call in grade school? What did his hair look like during photo day? What did his teachers tell his parents during conferences? How was he able to go so long "in character"? Does he know how inspiring and clever his PSAs and his unbuyable faux Colorforms merchandise still are?
:iconpuppetcancer:Puppetcancer 2 2
RPG Scenarios I Would Love to See
One annoying aspect to D&D is that after a while, the players figure out that their own deaths are a temporary nuisance and the most powerful monsters in existence are merely treasure chests with leathery wings. I'd like to see more adventure scenarios where it's not death that makes the players sweat nervously.
1. All Bags of Holding everywhere suddenly expel their contents onto the ground without warning. The characters, who have collected a lot of gear in the past several sessions, suddenly become highly motivated to get to the bottom of the mystery behind why all Bags of Holding are henceforth ordinary sacks. Also, let's see who's been paying attention to encumbrance rules, not to mention the sudden brisk sales in buying horses, mules, carts, wagons, etc.
2. After sailing to a new region, the party discovers after their first couple of encounters with monsters that while clerics and wizards still live in the region's villages, none of the region's religions create or sell items
:iconpuppetcancer:Puppetcancer 2 11
Does an Alumni Lich Donate to Its Old College?
I wonder if in Dungeons and Dragons (and similar fantasy settings) if schools of magic ever have the RL problem of our era?
Namely, do 2nd Level wizards and powerful undead spellcasters receive scrolls sent via a messenger bird from their former institutions of wizardry, asking them to donate 100 gold pieces? Can't afford it this year? How about donating 100 silver pieces? How about our early-riser-from-the-grave special membership category of only 100 copper pieces? Won't you support your alma mater by giving back to the time-honored institution which gave you the bright future you will always cherish?
Remember! Each gift, regardless of size, has an impact on meeting the needs for the future of the next generation of spellcasters in your realm through scholarships and the renovation of our new mage's tower! Please indicate your level of support below.
1. 100 gold pieces for our Honored Alumnus membership
2. 100 silver pieces for our Greater Alumnus membership
3. 100 copper pieces for
:iconpuppetcancer:Puppetcancer 2 3
Project Runway 2014 | Challenge 3 by Jsaren Project Runway 2014 | Challenge 3 :iconjsaren:Jsaren 6 0 Touhou : Flandre Scarlet Ver 2 by ClearEchoes Touhou : Flandre Scarlet Ver 2 :iconclearechoes:ClearEchoes 1,095 58 Fluffie's Secret Weapon by dsp2003 Fluffie's Secret Weapon :icondsp2003:dsp2003 153 59 Matoi Ryuko - Kill La Kill by JxbP Matoi Ryuko - Kill La Kill :iconjxbp:JxbP 5,962 232 Ryuko Matoi- Kill La Kill by tetsuok9999 Ryuko Matoi- Kill La Kill :icontetsuok9999:tetsuok9999 4,344 146 Professor Elemental Steampunk by brigidashwood Professor Elemental Steampunk :iconbrigidashwood:brigidashwood 30 5 Professor Elemental cover by MisterHardtimes Professor Elemental cover :iconmisterhardtimes:MisterHardtimes 77 17 Professor Elemental's The Father Of Invention by VladimirJazz Professor Elemental's The Father Of Invention :iconvladimirjazz:VladimirJazz 18 10 Sword Art Online - Alfheim Online - Leafa by Xeno-Photography Sword Art Online - Alfheim Online - Leafa :iconxeno-photography:Xeno-Photography 1,456 83 Sword Art Online: Alfheim Online by Kamaniki Sword Art Online: Alfheim Online :iconkamaniki:Kamaniki 1,994 57 Asuna and Kirito - Sword Art Online by jonatking Asuna and Kirito - Sword Art Online :iconjonatking:jonatking 5,810 167 Rasputin Francis Grogg by Myrret Rasputin Francis Grogg :iconmyrret:Myrret 6 0


I'm making a note here, HUGE SUCCESS
  • Listening to: It's hard to overstate my satisfaction
  • Reading: Aperture Science
  • Watching: We do what we must
  • Playing: because we can
  • Eating: for the good of all of us
  • Drinking: except the ones who are dead


Argus Quadocular
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Current Residence: Whiterun, Skyrim
Favorite genre of music: mostly everything
Favorite style of art: comic book art, video game art, anything that catches my eye
Current Minecraft skin: The Headless Horseman
Favorite characters: Chandra Nalarr, Captain Cold, Green Arrow, Deadpool, every single Homestuck character, Greyson Hunt, Damon Baird, Killer Bee, Derpy Hooves, Ira Gamagoori, Ryuko Matoi, Flufflepuff
Personal Quote: The guy who ruined your killstreak from across the map? That was me. The Pyro who zapped you in the sewers? Also me.
Personal MW3 sniper taunt: You finally killed me? About damn time. Why'd you paint a target on your forehead, anyway?
Current favorite League of Legends champions: Singed, Viktor, Teemo, Twisted Fate



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